Sunday, 26 January 2014

The World We Live In

Somethings are just too horrible to imagine.. However, reading the news or watching T.V brings back the harsh and shocking realisation there is true evil in this world.

This week I have seen and read articles about Mothers harming their children and cannot for the fucking life of me understand why. Why the fuck have a child if your not prepared to lovethem  unconditionally and protect them, put their needs and their lives above your own until the day you die... They are not a disposable item to be discarded or treated with anything less than true love.

It breaks my heart each and every time.

I wouldn't usually blog or comment on anything like this, but it really makes you think.. Does making music really matter. In the bigger scheme of things. It does fuel my already well documented hatred for almost everything, creates a rage in the pit of my stomach so you could argue it helps me in what I do.

It also makes me think maybe its not worth creating something beautiful for a world that doesnt deserve any.

Thats enough for this week. Sorry its not as up and positive as other weeks. Maybe next week the world will surprise me.

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