Thursday, 25 April 2013

Back @ The George Venue - Homegrown Rehearsal

There's something amazing about rehearsing at The George Venue, Andover home to so so many great musical memories.

We were very kindly allowed to use the space to rehearse with our own backline to work on the 2 new tracks from last rehearsal.
I (Richie)think I have played their with each project I have done ever, from P.A speakers on table top All-Dayers to small festivals - TGV has always been Andovers Alternative-Music homeland.

We haven't played their this year so far so hopefully we will get something sorted over the summer..

Monday, 15 April 2013

Red Bull @ Download 2013 - Not Quite Conforming To The Trends

Don't get me wrong, We would love to play Download 2013 but if you flick through the options for bands that are desperate to play it almost seems like they are selling themselves short just to get a glimpse of the stage.

They want you to upload a video of the band and then get people to vote for you.. seems simple. But what if you don't have a video?? What if your not the sort of band that have big money and so cant do the sort of mid-range budget productions the "Others" seem to be uploading????

What I (Richie) have done is signed us up but deliberately uploaded a 1.46 minute blank video I saw on Youtube.. But still, If we got the votes throu non-conforming would that be a moral victory for the old school non-fashionista's that still exist???

Be worth seeing what happens...

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Rights For The Alternative - The Sophie Lancaster Tragedy

Todays ruling today means that those with Alternative Lifestyles will be protected by law in response to the tragic death of Sophie Lancaster back in 2008.

As someone who has always been on "This Side Of The Coin" when it comes to individuality and non-comformist issues, and being a musician I have always found myself in the Alternative circle I personally welcome the new law.

Many times in my hometown and when away on tour I have had complete strangers mock and verbally abuse me for having (I should really say had now) long hair and for dressing as they would say "differently" and on several occasions attempt to physicaly attack me.

Nobody should be afraid to express themselves however they choose! I personally don't overly like those that dress from head to toe in a major high street mens clothes retailers get up, mainly because I feel they look like mini-clones of all their friends and like lemmings they will ony do what the others do.. but I would never dream of verbally abusing them or attacking them because of this..

This is where we as they would say "Alternative" looking individials (individual being the key words here) differ from the mob/pack mentallity of poor Sophie Lancaster's attackers.

Here is the link for the Sophie Lancaster Foundation , please take the time to view this site.

To Absent Friends

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Its Going To Take A Bit Of Practice - Acoustic Rehearsal

Last nights Acoustic rehearsal was interesting. It just proved I (Richie) need to rehearse more away from the band to get it tight for when we do come together

The problem with Lo-Fi or Acoustic sessions is that you have to make the songs work sometimes. We have a very gritty live sound and to make that work stripped down may be harder than we had thought.

I will re-string my Washburn and see what I can do at the weekend.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Acoustic/Lo-Fi Set - A Work In Progress

We've decided to take a leaf out of an old play book and convert the live set into an intimate acoustic or lo-fi session, this way we can show of a little more depth of the songs and showcase our harmonies with broken down versions and maybe the odd selective cover.

The down side to doing a broken down set is that the songs sometimes just dont work.

Take Foo Fighters, they have plenty of songs that work really well acoustic and we have a kind of Foo's-esque'ness to us but also a dirty gritty almost punk/hardcore edge which just wont work.... or will it??

Either way it will be great to all get together and talk through some options before the next full live rehearsal and book some more shows, hopefully with new tracks to replace 'Riot Act' & 'Firelighter', both tracks I (Richie) wrote an cant stand to play live anymore.

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REVIEW by A Little Birdy Told Me

KURBd - The Music Box, Salisbury

Dave Grohl was recently quoted as saying grunge music has never died. It was certainly evident in force at The Music Box last Wednesday as KURBd showcased their forthcoming debut EP.

As with every popular genre of the past, it always seems to return just as a the new generation discover music they missed out on. There's a new collection of kids on the scene such as Cheetahs, METZ, Swim Deep, (recently featured on here), Splashh, Milk Music, DIIV and many more that have all been heavily influenced by the grunge scene before them.
KURBd do however possess something that was absent in the grunge era. They have the scuzzy, dirty guitars, distorted bass and venomous vocals, but they also possess majestic harmonies. The trio of Richie, Lee and Dave all sing and have clearly given a lot of attention to this detail. The three-part harmonies sat beautifully above the driving rhythms.

Their set was full of energy and electricity in more ways than one. Particularly as bass player Lee was given an electric shock every time he attempted to sing into the mic. As much as Lee was not enjoying being electrocuted, the crowd were enjoying his torment. And Richie joked, "have you been tumble drying your boxers again Lee?".
With their brilliant as yet untitled debut EP to be released shortly, I'm hoping to see much more of these stone washed demin grungers. Perhaps Dave Grohl has been speaking sense after all.

Gig #4) March 6th 2013 @ The Music Box, SALISBURY

Supporting Echotape at their pre-album launch show and fresh from the buzz from the recording this was our fist time to play the EP as close as we had recorded it.

What a fantastic show. The veue was awesome and the sound was great. It was possibly the best gig I (Richie) had ever played in my life and to share the bill with a band like Echotape was a honour. Also, I got to use my new Orange Tiny Terror amp... it was a little bit De-Freakin-Lish..

Recording the E.P - January 2013

2 days in the studio to record 3 of the 5 live tracks we currently have: Beware The Silence, Wreck & Kerosene

with the lead singer from Echotape the tres beautifull Andi Karthauser.

Recording it live, all of us in a room together and a few mics a possible to get the raw live sound we have. No special effects or Ear Candy just 3 guys in a room playing live to a click. It was amazing.
It was the first time Lee & I (Richie) had recorded with Dave and the first time the both of us had played together since the hallowed days of Madisuns some 6 years earlier.

Now just waiting to get the final mix and then of to be mastered. Then time to hit up a few labels and see if we can get a digital deal.. Fingers Crossed.

Gig #3) January 4th 2013 @ The Railway, WINCHESTER

Our 1st show at the renowned venue and we end up being bumped to headline due to a cancellation.

Sadly, being so close to the new year it wasnt a bust as we would have thought and not a single promo poster put up by the venue, note to self provide all promo to next Winchester show.

Gig #2) 19th Sept'13 supporting Zico Chain @ The George Venue, ANDOVER

Supporting Zico Chain @ The George Venue, ANDOVER.

Our second show supporting Zico Chain at our home venue in Andover 4 days after our first.
ZC are very similar to us in that they have been called "Grunge" and there are 3 of them also. thats where it ended.
ZC are more pop than punk and play to backing tracks and were very polished, almost too much so.
The show was part of their pre-tour supporting Haylestorm

Gig #1) Crispystock Festival - September 2013

We were lucky enough to be able to play the now infamous Crispystock Festival in Andover.

One venue, 2 Stages and 20+ bands and artists playing to raise money for the Headway charity.

For a first show this was awesome. we have been lucky enough to be involved in the festival in other projects and to be there as the 3 of us was truly amazing.

Please visit to make a donation.

.. Take It Back To The Start.

KURBd... A 3 piece Alternative/Grunge-Rock band from Hampshire.


Lee - Bass & Vocals.

Dave - Drums & Vocals.

Richie - Guitar & Vocals.

Twitter/Facebook : kurbdmusic