Monday, 1 April 2013

REVIEW by A Little Birdy Told Me

KURBd - The Music Box, Salisbury

Dave Grohl was recently quoted as saying grunge music has never died. It was certainly evident in force at The Music Box last Wednesday as KURBd showcased their forthcoming debut EP.

As with every popular genre of the past, it always seems to return just as a the new generation discover music they missed out on. There's a new collection of kids on the scene such as Cheetahs, METZ, Swim Deep, (recently featured on here), Splashh, Milk Music, DIIV and many more that have all been heavily influenced by the grunge scene before them.
KURBd do however possess something that was absent in the grunge era. They have the scuzzy, dirty guitars, distorted bass and venomous vocals, but they also possess majestic harmonies. The trio of Richie, Lee and Dave all sing and have clearly given a lot of attention to this detail. The three-part harmonies sat beautifully above the driving rhythms.

Their set was full of energy and electricity in more ways than one. Particularly as bass player Lee was given an electric shock every time he attempted to sing into the mic. As much as Lee was not enjoying being electrocuted, the crowd were enjoying his torment. And Richie joked, "have you been tumble drying your boxers again Lee?".
With their brilliant as yet untitled debut EP to be released shortly, I'm hoping to see much more of these stone washed demin grungers. Perhaps Dave Grohl has been speaking sense after all.

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