Monday, 1 April 2013

Acoustic/Lo-Fi Set - A Work In Progress

We've decided to take a leaf out of an old play book and convert the live set into an intimate acoustic or lo-fi session, this way we can show of a little more depth of the songs and showcase our harmonies with broken down versions and maybe the odd selective cover.

The down side to doing a broken down set is that the songs sometimes just dont work.

Take Foo Fighters, they have plenty of songs that work really well acoustic and we have a kind of Foo's-esque'ness to us but also a dirty gritty almost punk/hardcore edge which just wont work.... or will it??

Either way it will be great to all get together and talk through some options before the next full live rehearsal and book some more shows, hopefully with new tracks to replace 'Riot Act' & 'Firelighter', both tracks I (Richie) wrote an cant stand to play live anymore.

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