Monday, 1 April 2013

Recording the E.P - January 2013

2 days in the studio to record 3 of the 5 live tracks we currently have: Beware The Silence, Wreck & Kerosene

with the lead singer from Echotape the tres beautifull Andi Karthauser.

Recording it live, all of us in a room together and a few mics a possible to get the raw live sound we have. No special effects or Ear Candy just 3 guys in a room playing live to a click. It was amazing.
It was the first time Lee & I (Richie) had recorded with Dave and the first time the both of us had played together since the hallowed days of Madisuns some 6 years earlier.

Now just waiting to get the final mix and then of to be mastered. Then time to hit up a few labels and see if we can get a digital deal.. Fingers Crossed.

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