Monday, 15 April 2013

Red Bull @ Download 2013 - Not Quite Conforming To The Trends

Don't get me wrong, We would love to play Download 2013 but if you flick through the options for bands that are desperate to play it almost seems like they are selling themselves short just to get a glimpse of the stage.

They want you to upload a video of the band and then get people to vote for you.. seems simple. But what if you don't have a video?? What if your not the sort of band that have big money and so cant do the sort of mid-range budget productions the "Others" seem to be uploading????

What I (Richie) have done is signed us up but deliberately uploaded a 1.46 minute blank video I saw on Youtube.. But still, If we got the votes throu non-conforming would that be a moral victory for the old school non-fashionista's that still exist???

Be worth seeing what happens...

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