Thursday 2 October 2014

Signed with a Publisher.

We are hugely proud to announce we have signed up to a publishing company and our debut EP , The Cause... The Defect, is available on iTunes and Amazon. 

Check it out ;) 

Sunday 14 September 2014

Will be leaving the blog for a while

Hi guys. 

It's been such a mental few months with the up and coming release if TCTD EP that I just can't guarantee to be able to get on here as much. 

I will still be on Facebook & Twitter but blogging. , unfortunately, will have to sit on the back burner. 

Love you all. 


Thursday 21 August 2014

Record Labels and Our TCTD EP

It's been around a year since we decided to give away our debut EP on Bandcamp and go against the grain of some of our peers. 

Everyone thinks releasing an album or a single will bring in the big bucks. The truth is, we know different. What we've done is decide the listener comes first and if they want to support our little band then we should give them something back. Hence, being a freebee giveaway. 

As we are in the process of decidin what tracks are to comprise the next EP we have come up with an ingenious way of gettin our music out to the masses..

We have a proposition to any labels out here willin to take us up on it. We will sign over 100% of the royalties to any label that releases our first EP on a digital worldwide release ( or on any medium to be fair) with the option to release the second EP when it's recorded. 

OK... I can see some of you scratching your heads as why would we just give away our songs to a label that have no doubt many many artists under contract and are making money already. !!!.......... Because , for us, it's not about money. If it was we would have sold our gear years ago. What we want is to know someone somewhere in the world is enjoying our music. That's it. Simple.

We have had a few little bites of intrigue so far and it's only day 1. Keep up to date with all the I goings over at @kurbdmusic too. 

Thursday 31 July 2014

Back On It

Hi you lot. How's tricks???

Sorry it's been a while since I've written anything on here but it's been manic with the birth of my second child and everything that's gone with it but we are back in the fold and back to rehearsing. 

Last week we got together and went through the set front to back and worked specifically on the newest song current title "86/88" , we might change it but who knows.  I love the route this song has taken us, it's currently the last song in our set so make sure you get to the next gig .......... Speaking of which.....

Next gig is still set to be at The Railway in Winchester on Aug 23rd, we are on pretty early so get there rapid like .

Keep an eye out for more details on twitter :)

Monday 14 July 2014

Next Gig Announcement : 23rd August 2014 @ The Railway,Winchester

Our friends in These Days Arcane have asked us to be one of the support bands at their upcoming show at The Railway in Winchester (@railwaylive) on August 23rd, which will be out first gig since Salisbury Live waaaaaaayyy back when. 

£5 adv tickets doors at 7pm - let's hope they open the back bar this time and put some promo up. 

Saturday 5 July 2014

New Review by Gigglepics

This has made our week. 

After the gutting decision to not play Gigglefest because of "Baby Stuff" after making the list of bands chosen, we are super happy with this fuckin ace review ;) enjoy ......

KURBd – The Cause…The Defect – EP Review

Tom Coombs

Richie  on Guitar / Vocals,  Lee on Bass / Vocals and Dave  on Drums / Vocals are what make up Hampshire three piece alternative band ‘KURBd’, and they have their three track EP ‘The Cause…The Defect’ out now.

This is a full on alternative/grunge EP, and really has the grunge sounds that were big in the 90’s and are making a comeback.  The trade mark whine in the vocals (Kurt Cobainesque), heavy but lethargic distorted guitars and a true stripped back sound is what makes this a great sounding grunge EP.

It all kicks off with ‘Beware the Silence’, which starts with a very dark sounding riff, the simple drum beat kicks in and the vocals move in just after.  The vocals are more spoken at the beginning and have a tinny effect to them (on purpose, this wasn’t me knocking it).  The track does pick up after what I can only describe as the prologue, and the vocals are more in with the rest of the sound.  The drums are heavier and the guitars are layered in nicely with some heavy chord action.  There is a great little break in the track about three minutes in that is just instrumental and slowly builds the melody before going back to the vocals, which breaks this track up nicely.  The vocals of Richie, Lee and Dave harmonise really nicely near the end of the track and really show the true voice talent from the guys. This track really reminds me of Dinosaur Pile Up and bands of the same ilk.

Second track on the EP is ‘Wreck’, which starts with a nice little melody on the guitar, and slows the beat down which gives this a much more melodic and darker feel.  It is the heartfelt ballad from a Grunge perspective, but it does build up a bit, but is a slower song across the five minute track.  It does show off the vocal talents of the band, and really gives you an all round tight sound from the three members.  Some great guitar work a few minutes in, sounds spectacular and even though a bridge it works nicely with the rest of the track, building it all up before plunging back down all the way to the finish line.

To smash the back end out of the EP, KURBd finish ‘The Cause…The Defect’ with the high energy track ‘Kerosene’.  From the first second you are thrown into a mosh lovers heaven, with heavy guitars, fast beats and a much more energetic feel from beginning to end.  The shortest track on the album this really shows off the diversity of the band.  It still holds that great alt/grunge sound like the other two tracks but this makes you want to move about.  It doesn’t let up for one second and is an outstanding song.

The musicality of ‘KURBd’ is spot on and they are a very tight sounding band, the EP’s production is professional and is available now on Reverbnation (link below).  I think these guys have got a lot more to come, with a sound now creeping back into the spot light, it is good to see that UK bands are leading the way.  The EP will appeal to a lot of true Alt rock fans, and definitely fans of a grungier sound. Go and check their EP it is worth it.

KURBd on Reverbanation – KURBd on Facebook