Thursday, 21 August 2014

Record Labels and Our TCTD EP

It's been around a year since we decided to give away our debut EP on Bandcamp and go against the grain of some of our peers. 

Everyone thinks releasing an album or a single will bring in the big bucks. The truth is, we know different. What we've done is decide the listener comes first and if they want to support our little band then we should give them something back. Hence, being a freebee giveaway. 

As we are in the process of decidin what tracks are to comprise the next EP we have come up with an ingenious way of gettin our music out to the masses..

We have a proposition to any labels out here willin to take us up on it. We will sign over 100% of the royalties to any label that releases our first EP on a digital worldwide release ( or on any medium to be fair) with the option to release the second EP when it's recorded. 

OK... I can see some of you scratching your heads as why would we just give away our songs to a label that have no doubt many many artists under contract and are making money already. !!!.......... Because , for us, it's not about money. If it was we would have sold our gear years ago. What we want is to know someone somewhere in the world is enjoying our music. That's it. Simple.

We have had a few little bites of intrigue so far and it's only day 1. Keep up to date with all the I goings over at @kurbdmusic too. 

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