Thursday, 4 April 2013

Rights For The Alternative - The Sophie Lancaster Tragedy

Todays ruling today means that those with Alternative Lifestyles will be protected by law in response to the tragic death of Sophie Lancaster back in 2008.

As someone who has always been on "This Side Of The Coin" when it comes to individuality and non-comformist issues, and being a musician I have always found myself in the Alternative circle I personally welcome the new law.

Many times in my hometown and when away on tour I have had complete strangers mock and verbally abuse me for having (I should really say had now) long hair and for dressing as they would say "differently" and on several occasions attempt to physicaly attack me.

Nobody should be afraid to express themselves however they choose! I personally don't overly like those that dress from head to toe in a major high street mens clothes retailers get up, mainly because I feel they look like mini-clones of all their friends and like lemmings they will ony do what the others do.. but I would never dream of verbally abusing them or attacking them because of this..

This is where we as they would say "Alternative" looking individials (individual being the key words here) differ from the mob/pack mentallity of poor Sophie Lancaster's attackers.

Here is the link for the Sophie Lancaster Foundation , please take the time to view this site.

To Absent Friends

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