Sunday, 12 January 2014

What A Week.....

Soooooo. We all met up to discuss the next 12 months in team K and work out what it is we want from the E.P.

We had thought about trying to get a label to get it on the various sites that all bands feel the need to get their material on, or doing a self release on CD Baby or ReverbNation or a site like that but then we had a realisation.... When you get to the point which we have, where we know the in's and out's of small labels and such, that 79p per track don't mean a fucking thing.

If we were all doing this for the money we would have given up years ago. We aint here for a quick buck. We are doing what we want to , in our own way, with the hope that you guys appreciate it and love it as much as we do and then you come to see a live show and support the scene and keep live music venues alive, and while your at it discover something new. Theres a reason why support bands are on the bill too ya know !!.

Sooooooo. What we are going to do is.......... We cant say yet. What we can say is it will be announced when we takeover Castledown Radio on February 1st when we get to choose the set and play some of our favourite songs on the airwaves.. :)  sweeeeet :) ..

Anywho, more shows are being lined up as we speak. We've confirmed Feb in Reading, March in London (Somewhere) and April in Salisbury at the Music Box. Since the closure of our home venue The George Venues, Andover there is know where for us to play so we are making this our unofficial home venue for the time being.

We are calling it a 4 way headliner because every band on the bill are sooo freakin good it would be blasphemous to have it any other way. Bands are: Us, Firestate, Echotape and the stunning Anna Neale making it a Alternative / Metal-Rock / Indie-Vibe / Acoustic night. Saturday 26th April and its FREE ENTRY :) Yaaaaaaaaay.!

More details and general bollocks over at @kurbdmusic on Twitter or on our Facebook group.

Have a good week guys, see you later.

Richie (& Lee & Dave)

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