Sunday, 5 January 2014

1st Blog of 2014...

Hi Guys. Well, here we are. The first of our weekly blogs and the first week in January 2014 aaaaaannnd already we have some news.!! We are getting geared up to release the EP on ITunes ( and anywhere else we can get it on )so we can promote the shit out of it at our live shows and get it out to the masses and then start work on the second EP instalment. We already have shows lined up in Newbury, Reading, Salisbury & London, which we have never been to before in this project, as well as a Takeover Radio show for local station Castledown Radio where we will be getting interviews as well as choosing the play list so get tuned in for some pretty varied stuff!!. Rehearsals are proving to be a little award as we used to go to Studio 91 in Newbury but they have started to charge you if you cancel up to 4 days before the booked slot. Not that that's a problem, but just sometimes things happen and we have to cancel but the cancellation fee isn't warranted that far ahead so looking for something a little closer to home. Speaking of home, since the loss of The George Venue last month Andover is without a venue and nowhere for us to play :(. SO our nearest venue is The Music Box in Salisbury Wiltshire, about 25 miles away. Not exactly ideal if you want to enjoy the luxury of a drink but its what we will have to do to keep the shows coming so look out on Facebook, Twitter and here for details about coaches or group convoys we may be able to arrange. In other news.......... Be sure to keep up with @kurbdmusic for our track of the week, this week was Deftones - Knife Party. What will my shitty old Ipod Classic fish us out next week...... who the fuck knows, theirs a lot of random crap on there!. Catch you all next Sunday. Richie, Lee & Dave

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