Sunday, 19 January 2014

Cancelled Dates...

Sometimes, things just get cancelled.... but very rarely do 2 separate dates get cancelled on the same day :(..

The Reading show in February and the London show in March have both been cancelled, The first due to a promoter offering us the show, then cancelling but not telling us until we pursued them about tickets. Nice one!!.
The latter because we were too late in confirming the slot, which is fine and understandable. We dont expect promoters or other bands to hold fire waiting for us.

Soooo it means we have a few months with zero shows in. Instead we will keep on rehearsing the live and low-fi shows and working on new tunes.. I have a few, Lee has a few so at least 4 new/work in progress songs and cant wait to bang them out.

I really wanna get us on a small mini festival. I wonder how bands like us go about doing it ??

We have a few options for Artwork for the EP, some very good pieces and some waiting to come in. As soon as we decide we will get them up and you guys can have a look. 

We are also getting on the Merch band wagon with Lee doing all the ins and outs so pretty soon at our live shows you can buy some T's from us... YAAAAAY :) 

Pretty much we are bust as fuck. Gigs, Rehearsals, EP's, Merch and possible Recording of the next Ep installment in the next few months. One track we can say we will record is 'Stories (Always)' , we might do the new version of 'Stitches & Burns' too but if we get some new banging tracks then they could be in there... we will see. (dont forget to have a look at them on YOUTUBE by searching KURBd)

In other news.... UKIP are still a bunch of cunts!! Who would of guessed it...

Hope to see some of you soon, lets have a beer.

RK :) 

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