Sunday, 2 February 2014

*UPDATE* We're Giving Our E.P Away @

Its Official... We have done what very few before us have done.

We have decided that we are going to cut through all the bullshit and hairspray that a lot of other bands seem to think "being in a band" is about and do what they should all be doing..... Getting the music out there for you guys to hear!!

Rather than go through the usual download sites that charge to 79p and take half for themselves we have set up our own page on Bandcamp where you can go and download our E.P "The Cause...The Defect" FOR FREE. NOT A PENNY. HERE, TAKE IT!!.

We honestly believe that bands at our level should appreciate and understand that everything we do is for you guys.. the listeners.

Its not about getting famous or getting in magazines like NME or Kerrang every week and charging £45 for a ticket to a show and £20 for an album. Shows should be affordable and music should be available.

So get yourself over to

Special thanks to Kevin Scullion for the use and design of our artwork (

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