Monday, 17 June 2013

No Cause.... No Defect.

Sadly, we have had to pull out of our next scheduled show at The Railway, Winchester at the end of the month supporting the awesome Firestate due to other commitments but this just gives us more time to work on the 2 new tracks and tighten up the rest of the set.

This would be easier if we were not constantly being let down by the same people each week..

Its a sad time when you cant even rely in those who you've know for absolutely years, especially when they promise you something and then each and every time they let you down.. Makes you think " WHATS THE POINT!!"

We have also set a date for the E.P to be mastered for the beginning of July 2013 and then we move on with the video project, trying to find a way of making us 30 something's not just looks like disgruntled dads.
Soon it will all come together and the media whoring can begin.

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