Thursday, 11 July 2013

The Search: Reviews, Re-Post's, Labels & The Other Stuff.

It's Done........'The Cause...The Defect' is Mastered!!

Thanks to the amazing Dan Parkinson The E.P is now finished and we have begun the old dance that is trying to get reviews and a possible label to release it.
In reality, we know labels that would release it or we can do a self release, but what we are looking for is a label that will love it.. nurture it... not just churn it out on iTunes and that's that.. or worse... sit on it for 8 years then release it!

So far, we have a handful of indi labels that have shown interest, one especially takes our fancy as they have a penchant for Vinyl.
As an old dog who have been on the circuit for a fair few years in previous projects, been bitten by a few labels and a few slick managers... We wont be making any of the usual mistakes.
Percentages... only mean a fucking thing when your talking huge numbers.. not enough at the less than a 1000 copies mark so the best thing to look for is a label that want you as a band not as a quick bit of cash overnight! What separate's us from some of the other bands out there is that we have already done the shit stuff.. We've toured the circuits and paid our due's twice over so we don't need the shit deal just to get a contract!!

"And I will leave the stitches in, reminds me everywhere I've been".....

For now we are working on the live set and the Low-Fi version, and with no shows in the next few weeks we can really get on with using the new drop C# tuning.. its differently awesome!.

SO far the 6 song set is:

Beware The Silence




Stories (Always)

Stitches & Burns < Working Title Only >

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