Sunday, 9 June 2013

Being Inspired To Be Inspired ..pt1

At The Moment , everything seems to be coming up Millhouse in the KURBd Kamp.

Have had some super productive Low-Fi rehearsals, bringing the new tracks together and especially the vocal harmonies and arrangement on Stories(Always) which is actually a re-work of a track co written by Marc from ECHOTAPE & myself some time ago.

ECHOTAPE are one of those bands that when you listen to them live they literally capture everything music should be. They have a vibe that's takes you over, it almost makes you want to become a member of that band.

Their debut album "Collections" is epic...... seriously, go on ITunes and buy this album. It embraces the 60's-70's esque vibe of British Rock 'n' Roll with the 90's Stone Roses passion and deep beautiful lyrics...


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