Monday, 18 November 2013

"The Cause...The Defect" @ #7 in the Reverb Nation Alternative Chart

Jesus Fuckin' "H" Christ..

Thank You Thank You to everyone and anyone that has made this possible, not bad for 3 dads from Andover Hampshire.

"TC...TD" has had an awesome run since it was recorded and mastered earlier in the year and has really shown that you don't need to spend big money and have a named producer. All you need is a few hundred quid, a room with a few mic's and someone pushing the buttons who believes in what they are involved with.

We hope to get back in the studio early in 2014 for the second E.P instalment, cash permitting, and in time self-release a mini album or on a small label. Personally I would love a Vinyl release but I think that's the relic inside me.

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