Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Gig #8) The Joiners, Southampton was Super-Fuckin'-Awesome

It was amazing to be back at The Joiners after so long, and especially because it was our first time there and to add to it supporting our friends SONDURA (@sonduraofficial).

This is the sort of venue that must always survive. It is the reason that bands should want to play the circuit and get within a foot of the crowd and drink with them afterwards. All these bands that think its cool to sit in a backstage area away from the people that make their shows what they are are infact fuckin morons.

These people are your show.. The least you can do is have a drink with them and watch the other bands that are on the bill. Too many bands cant be bothered to even checkout the other bands on the bill. Sickening because they are missing out on new music that could be part of your history.

Once again, the only band to bring just 1 guitar each and the uber-good Orange Tiny Terrors did us well sat with the big Meza's and Marshalls. 15watts of crunch right their.

Hopefully we will get to go back, maybe a little higher up the bill next time :)

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