Monday, 12 May 2014

E.P Review by Hit The Floor Magazine - 3 and a bit / 5.

We are loving Hit The Floor Magazine for this fingerblastingly good review of The Cause... The Defect E.P.... Here It Is!

KURBd‘s way of thinking is that stripping everything down is key to producing no nonsense music that can really strike the person that’s listening to it. So, with the release of their EP The Cause… The Defect, they had the perfect opportunity to showcase just how they felt – and the end result was impressive to say the least.
The production and recording of the free, 3-song EP isn’t top notch obviously, but you have to give the Hampshire based band some merit for the fact that they did it all themselves, with no label and no strings attached to any ‘scenes’. The record kicks off with ‘Beware The Silence‘ which has a fairly haunting introduction, but then transforms in to something that sounds wonderfully nostalgic; a taste of the 90′s with 2014 technology. The vocals and guitar riffs are incredibly Kurt Cobain-esque and have the listener transfixed with the simplicity of it all.
‘Wreck’ is a slightly slower song but still hits the spot with an epic bassline and intriguing lyrics that highlight the band’s strengths with how much impact it creates, while the final track ‘Kerosene’ is the complete opposite; an offering of pure, driving punk rock that will have you headbanging along in no time. This is an EP that sticks, so you may find yourself, days later, with one of the songs stuck in your head even from just one listen.
KURBd may only have a relatively small following at the moment, but with the ability they exhibited throughout this EP it’s clear that they have the potential to go far by continuing to dazzle audiences with their straightforward techniques and tunes. For what it is, The Cause… The Defect is the product of sheer diligence and raw talent that deserves a listen. You can download the EP for free right here.

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