Sunday, 2 March 2014

We're back.. Sorry for being so shit on here lately.

Sorry for not blogging much lately. I've had serious problems with my laptop :(.

Been trying to clear my laptop up and downloaded some fuckin thing and its ended up randomly shutting the thing down. ANNNNNYYYYWWWAAAAYYY....

Things have gone a little bit off the boil as of late. We are still rehearsing the set and working on new tracks ready for the Music Box show in Salisbury in April but nothing else gig wise booked in. Would like to get something in Bristol or London, more Bristol to be fair. Ive never been in love with London shows.

Don't get me wrong, in other projects I have played the late great London Astoria 2 (LA2), The Garage Downstairs and Upstairs as well as some small festivals but I always feel its a little bit clicky wanker NME fashionista fuckin hipster sort of thing. I am not a cool person. I don't dress to fit in with a certain scene. I don't care if people don't like me as a person. All that's should matter is the substance of my music. The Songs should be the reason people are at a show not because I have 10,000 friends who will tell me I'm great and come to all my shows but we don't..we still have less than 200 likes on Facebook.

When did music become sooo soooooo mush about image. Leather jackets and shit like that. Basically what the Artic Monkeys look like now. Its too try hard. Too Scene. Yet the fuckin media go bat shit crazy for them. I cant see it. But then again, I don't get a lot about the industry any more so its a good thing im not trying to be liked or noticed by any labels or management.. I couldn't give a fuck if we never get anywhere, as long as someone real somewhere likes our stuff enough to listen to in once that's enough for me.


Daves friend from Brighton was in the midst of doing a vid but wasn't happy with the end product so we are going to do a bit of a low key performance vid so be sure to keep your peepers on YouTube and Facebook and Twitter for news..

Have a good one guys :)

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